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Niche Areas

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is the most significant emerging trend in information technology. The high costs of the enterprise wide implementation and maintenance of applications has magnified the difficulties of maintaining an up-to-date technology environment. StarsHR has supported our customers in their staffing needs related to SaaS, IaaS implementation.

  • Embedded Programming

    StarsHR has cultivated an extensive expertise in this niche, including a comprehensive database of qualified resources. Since our inception, StarsHR has provided staffing and project services to our customers in Embedded Programming. This expertise includes Real Time Operating Systems and Embedded C/C++.

  • ERP and SCM

    StarsHR has proven expertise in the acquisition of high level technology talent in the ERP and SCM technology specialties. We have supported our customers with talent in ERP and SCM packages like SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards.

  • FDA Regulated QA

    Performing Quality Assurance functions for FDA regulated industries require specialized knowledge of FDA required processes and documentation. StarsHR has provided expert resources to our clients in this very specific and challenging niche.

  • Heathcare SME

    The Healthcare industry has experienced phenomenal growth in the US over the past two decades.  It is crucial for any Subject Matter Expert in this vertical to possess an in-depth understanding of HIPAA regulations, Claims processes, and the ACA. StarsHR has worked extensively in this niche for past several years and staffed our customers projects with highly capable SME’s.

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile computing has exploded onto the scene in recent years.  With Smart Phones becoming ubiquitous, there has been a tremendous and growing demand for mobile applications. StarsHR has provided top talent in the areas of iOS, Android and Windows mobile to our customers.

  • Real Time Applications

    StarsHR has successfully staffed several SCADA and Real Time Systems projects for our customers.  This included providing qualified expertise in the areas of PLC programming and Distributed Control Systems.  We have also provided expert staff for Real Time/Embedded projects that utilized RTOS and Embedded C/C++.

Domain Expertise

  • banking-insuranceStarsHR has provided project based staffing solutions to its customers in the banking and insurance industries. These solutions include contract and contract to hire options. Specific areas of expertise include BI, BigData and Mobile Computing.

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  • governmentStarsHR has provided subject matter experts for Heath Care Exchange Implementations related to the Affordable Care Act.  In addition to SME’s we have also provided project-based BI expertise.

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  • healthcare-informaticsStarsHR has provided crucial assistance to its customers on projects related to Healthcare Informatics. These projects had an emphasis on Health Care BI, Analytics and BigData.

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  • manufacturingManufacturing has been a core competence area for StarsHR. Our team has long maintained a strong staffing presence in the manufacturing vertical. We have provided customized recruiting solutions based on the specific needs of our customers. Areas of focus include Cloud Computing, ERP, SCM and Realtime Applications.

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  • medical-devicesStarsHR maintains a specialty practice in the Medical Device manufacturing domain. Over the years, we have developed expertise in the areas of FDA related QA, Validation and Verification(V&V), as well as in Embedded Programming related to medical devices.  DICOM protocol and HL7 are also key competencies.

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  • transportationStarsHR provides Systems Engineering, Embedded Programming, QA and V&V services to our customers in this domain. We have developed extensive database of qualified technology and engineering resources in this industry.

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Why StarsHR?


About Us

about-usStarsHR’s mission is to help our clients acquire the highest quality technology professionals for their needs promptly and flexibly.  StarsHR can accomplish this through a variety of business models including contract staffing, contract-to-hire, permanent placement, project-based staffing and Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO).

StarsHR, Inc (www.StarsHR.com) is a Pennsylvania corporation headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA that offers IT and engineering staffing services to clients nationwide.  Founded in 2007 and built by a team of staffing industry professionals, StarsHR is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

StarsHR has provided services to numerous well-known, large and mid-sized clients in technology-intensive verticals such as Health Care, Medical Device Manufacturing, Transportation, Industrial Automation, Energy, Manufacturing, and Government.